Preserving & rehabilitating affordable housing communities

Community Housing Concepts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing housing opportunities available to low income families and individuals.

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Community Housing Concepts, Inc. (CHC) is a Denver-based non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and increasing affordable housing across the country for low-income individuals, families, seniors and people with disabilities. We strive to create safe, healthy and caring communities to strengthen the lives of residents so they can thrive.

Community Housing Concepts Improving Lives

Improving Lives

Community Housing Concepts believes that by developing safe, quality and attractive properties, we are both supporting and strengthening the communities in which our residents live resulting in improving their quality of life. We also support them with the resources they need to become good neighbors and engaged members of their community.

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Community Housing Concepts Preserving Affordable Housing

Preserving Affordable Housing

Community Housing Concepts is dedicated to preserving and increasing affordable housing in vulnerable communities across the country and developing them into safe and comfortable housing where low income families, seniors and people with disabilities are proud to call home.

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Community Housing Concepts Partnerships


Community Housing Concepts has successfully built strong partnerships with state, national and federal housing authorities, community leaders, non-profit organizations, equity partners and lenders that share our belief in the importance of preserving affordable housing options in vulnerable communities across the country.

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Our Work

Since 2008, Community Housing Concepts has preserved affordable family, senior and disabled housing across the country with a portfolio of 20 properties with more than 1,900 units in 10 states.

Community Housing Concepts Portfolio

Scholarship Recipients

CHC partners with Monroe Group to provide management services at their properties. To help fulfill its mission, CHC offers an educational scholarship program to support residents at all Monroe Group managed properties. This scholarship is open to residents of all ages in good standing who desires to attend or is attending an accredited educational or vocational institution. The scholarship is generally a one-time award up to $2,500 per person, but CHC Board Members may consider renewing a scholarship on a case-by-case basis.

Meet Our Past CHC Scholarship Recipients